Ljubodrag Andric was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia to a family of artists and began his involvement with art and photography at the age of 15. He landed his first paid job as a photographer at age 21. In 1988, after three years of strictly architectural photography, Andric launched his career in advertising in Italy where he worked for 15 years before moving to Toronto, Canada in 2002.

Shooting worldwide, his clients include Amex, Amtrak, Aramark, Bayer, Bose, B&B Italia, Campbell’s, Capital One, Chick-Fil-A, Compaq, Coors, Corona, Dove, Guinness, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, ILLY, INTEL, Invesco, Kraft, LL Bean, M&M’s, Magnum, Novo Nordisk, Palm, Pirelli, Samsung, Silk, SYFY, TD Bank, Toshiba, Vespa, Visa… Andric’s work has received awards and recognition from the ADC, Communication Arts, PDN, and Archive 200 Best, to name a few.

Andric’s style is exceptionally clean, intriguingly hyper-realistic and always a combination of effortless visual simplicity and refined mood. His portfolio spans from still life to landscape, from portraiture to highly complex conceptual work, CGI and visual consulting. His imagery is often infused with understated humour, but always elegant and iconic. “A good image should always leave some questions unanswered, remaining interesting in a new way every time we see it,” he says.

With an obsessive attention to detail, Andric has been doing nearly all of his own post-production work since 1997. Although he uses CGI routinely, he believes that shooting as much as possible from real life is the key to creating compelling photography since even the most “impossible” image must be anchored in reality for it’s strength. He reserves the post-production phase for enhancing, modulating or creating atmosphere: the resulting imagery is always effortless.


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